Our Collaborators

We work closely with a large number of Institutions, Subject matter experts and companies on various areas like HR Tech application providers , Business Coaches, , Trainers, background verification services, Industrial Relations and Employee Compliance consultants. All these association adds tremendous power to our overall value proposition.

NPA Worldwide

A worldwide network of high quality, proven and experienced Talent acquisition professionals that help each partner source the best talent globally. With this partnership Vitasta Consulting now has competence as well as opportunity to source talent globally.
More information on www.npaworldwide.com.

Hire the right - TCC

We have also partnered with a Central European Service provider that can give you highly validated psycho-diagnostic tests for pre-hire situations. The same company can also provide 360-degree feedbacks as well as high quality online Employee Satisfaction surveys.
More about them can be found on www.hiretheright.com.

Symbiosis - CDL

We have reached a collaborative understanding that Vitasta Consulting will support the students and alumni of this esteemed institution in exploring promising career opportunities within the purview of Vitasta Consulting clients. 
More about them can be found on www.scdl.net.

We are on a look out for more such experts because we are continually adding various services to our service basket and the footprint of our services is getting to be cross border.

Reach out to us at pradeep.d@vitasta.com